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 Seeking self-motivated, hard working and fun individuals to help the momentum of our culture continue to develop. In return, we provide an engaging workplace with continuous learning, growth opportunities and training for all team members. Create your own schedule, no fees or costs, and benefit from an excellent commission structure. We value and respect the independent and entrepreneurial salespeople who keep the lights on around here. We understand that people have commitments such as family and work, but still struggle to pay the bills. We work around your current schedule and allow you all the flexibility you seek. If you like to be rewarded handsomely for your hard work and achievements, read on and apply.

Our most successful Sales Representatives:

  • Have many years of sales experience - You know how to sell, are excited to do so, and consider your skills of tremendous value to the companies you work for.
  • Are extremely competitive - You always strive to win and are CONFIDENT in your abilities which results into a deep commitment for doing the job right. Some might describe your work ethic and passion as 'contagious'.
  • Have a connection to a community - If you are connected to a community of like minded people, whether it be for a hobby, work, religion, etc.
  • Are goal setters - You set ambitious goals for yourself and work to exceed those goals.
  • Bring persistence and hard work to job - You understand the key to good performance is continuous improvement, hard work, and a willingness to make small sacrifices to get the job done.
  • Are entrepreneurial - You were born with these traits: independence, self-drive, self-motivation, and business understanding.
  • Are a cultural fit - You are excited to sell a product that helps people market their businesses and products. We are not only looking for talented people, but people who care about our customer satisfaction.
  • Build lasting relationships - You seek to build lasting personal and business relationships. Naturally, you see truth and trust as fundamental building blocks to relationships that last. 

Our candidates must be:

  • Performers - experienced hunter sales people with proven success.
  • Willing - trainable individuals who embrace new ideas.
  • Ambitious - no excuse mentality with a burning desire to succeed.
  • Independent - self-driven and self-motivated people.
  • Passionate - someone who truly cares about the customer, product, and team.
  • Trustworthy - every team member must be in line with our core values. 

PLEASE understand:

  • We only allow the best salespeople who fit with our company to join our team!
  • We NEVER charge our salespeople anything to work for us.
  • Our salespeople DO NOT buy their product from us in order to sell.
  • Bottom line is: no surprises, no fees, no funny business - no BS

100% Commission Structure

 Our sales reps 'get' how business works, and as a result thrive in and appreciate the sales position at StickerStatus. This is why our sales representatives are compensated with a 100% straight commission structure

 We do not just throw our salespeople out to the wolves and HOPE they do well. Instead, we give our salespeople the support they need to go out and meet their goals. At StickerStatus, we understand that it is a team effort. We are here to coach and train you. Because of this, you can expect an encouraging environment that propels you toward success. We want you to succeed! 


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